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Who am I? I am Brian Stills a 28 year old who transformed from athlete to a top tier gym owner. My goal is to help everyone create a healthier lifestyle and build the body that they believe is best fit for their day-to-day operations. I have worked with many celebrities including stars from "Atlanta Housewives" and have been featured on shows like "Married to Medicine"  and interviewed by "Voyageatl". I have worked with College Athletes to Pro Athletes. My ultimate goal is to be a fitness resource in my community. I have transformed hundreds of bodies and cherish every new client that I can help​.

Where do I train? I opened "Dominant Performance" which is one of Fayette County's top-tier sport-specific performance training facilities designed for aspiring athletes and current athletes. We also specialize in weight loss, and weight gain. Our facility is ideal for sports performance training and the one's who do not like the typical gym set up.  The facility includes  20 yards of turf, free weights, squat racks and a cardio section to create maximum performance.

Success Stories


One of the best training experiences I’ve ever received. Brian Stills is definitely knowledgeable and a professional in his career field and made sure I reached all of my physical and health goals. Not only was the training top tier but he personally created a meal guide for my personal needs. This guy and his gym is definitely the best in the metro Atlanta area!! 10/10 for sure!

-Christopher Jackson

Brian Stills is by far the best trainer hands down!!! He motivates you, works with you, and calls you out your BS, which everyone needs in my opinion. The gym atmosphere is one of family and you feel a sense of support as soon as you walk in there. If your goal is a complete lifestyle change and building a solid foundation Dominate Performance is the place for you!!

-Alexandria Solomon

Brian is an amazing trainer that is results driven! Since working out at this gym, I have noticed my strength and confidence increase. I am constantly challenged by the workouts but also have a good time working out! If you are looking for a good workout, great trainer, and friendly environment, this is the place to be!

-Jessica Collins

I started my weight loss journey just walking. I was on too many blood pressure medicines and diabetes medication as well. I met with Brian for my initial consultation, his confidence in his product impressed me as his only requirement was that "I keep showing up." He talked extensively with me regarding meals and stretching which would be critical to my program and later proved most helpful.
Here I am, 1 year and 3 months later, 112lbs lost, 1/2 blood pressure tablet a day from 4 tablets a day previously, confidence level up, and I'm encouraging others to change their course. It's not about weight loss for me anymore as I rarely weigh in but a healthy lifestyle. Brian didnt just dictate my workouts, he worked out with me. Dominant Performance means RESULTS!!! Brian lives his brand".
-Bonita Bright
I really enjoy working out with Brian because I know I complain a lot and he always pushes me no matter how much I complain. In the short time I was working out with him it made me feel better about myself even though I was always sore. I think what I liked most about working out with him is that he actually would do the workouts with me. He never stood over me barking orders. I think thats what motivates me to keep coming back because I know im not doing it by myself."
-Fenise Noel
I wanted to start my path down a healthier lifestyle. I originally chose Brian because he was local and easier to get to. However, my decision did not turn out to be dissappointing. Brian is a great trainer! He is very patient and promoted me to go at my own pace but still encouraged me to push myself. In the short time we spent together, I saw progress within our sessions. My body was more toned, I had a lot more energy, and even was in a better mood. I really enjoy Brian's services.
-Shantrice Taylor

Before I started working out with Brian I was less than nothing when it came to understanding the abilities of the human body and exercise. Thats coming from a guy who played sports his entire child hood and is somewhat active in his adult life. I fell off and I gained a lot of weight. I was all the way up to 316.6 lbs at one point. I was able to get all the way down to 247lb under his motivational guidance. I was able to go from walking a lap to running miles. I went from working out to working on a lifestyle change. The practices I have learned Brian are second to none. Although he is young, he is far from premature in the understanding of the process. Whenever I felt like quitting or if there was ever a time I felt that I was not able to perform at a high level Brian would simply tell me "Just Keep Showing Up." He is a motivator and a student of physical fitness while till being able to teach besy practices of living and being helthy.

-Matt Griffin

About Us

1,440 Square Feet
Functional Training Area
Cardio Machines
Turf Area

Brian Stills


380 N Glynn St

Fayetteville, Ga 30214

Tel: 404-323-8855



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